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- What we do

We’re just about life sciences partnering.

JustPartnering assists biotech companies and research institutions to partner their drug, vaccine, biomarker and technology development programmes with multinational pharma, animal health, and biotech companies and investors. We are a small team providing personalised support to select clients across Asia Pacific. Our team members live in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Our flexible, easy access consulting service has helped clients to plan and fulfil their partnering goals since 2007. Our clients work with us to get support for in-house business development, increase representation of assets at partnering conferences, and access to researched intelligence, to out-license their pharma assets and research tools.

Leveraging our extensive networks and reach, we help our clients to run partnering processes that are efficient and get great outcomes.

We are “Just” about “Partnering”

We are experts in the partnering process from beginning to end

We can help with any or all of these aspects of partnering – dial us in and out as needed to complement your in-house capabilities.

- How we do it

Clients commend our flexibility

We understand that commercialisation is a long journey in the life sciences sector and business development work can fluctuate along this road. Scale our work up and down as you need.

Working as a team, JustPartnering charges the same rate whether one or more of us are in a meeting or on a task.

- Our key services

In-house business development

The first steps:

Most of our in-house BD projects start with our immersion in your science – understanding your data, development plan, technology strengths and weaknesses. We also seek an in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape surrounding your project including products on the market and products in development. Next steps will typically involve the creation of a target list of companies we recommend approaching on your behalf. We do this in coordination with you, utilising our networks built over 15 years and from around 300 partnering meetings per year. From there we see what you need next. For example, we can create a non-confidential pitch deck that delivers the details that multinational pharma companies want to see at first introduction.

Outreach to pharma may be initiated at a partnering conference such as BIO or BIO-EUROPE, or it may be by email or phone. We like to run a ‘soft process’ first – gathering feedback from pharma to gauge the level of interest and check we have positioned your story the right way. We provide you with detailed feedback to strengthen your partnering process.

Getting across the line:

With partnering interest established and confidentiality agreements in place, a ‘formal process’ may follow. This can involve specified time frames for accessing your development team and deadlines for term-sheets and due diligence.

Our aim will be to get you multiple term sheets where possible. We can manage the due diligence process for you – including establishing an electronic data room and managing pharma’s access. We can also guide your diligence review of potential partners, helping to evaluate which partner will be the best for your programme.

We have significant experience in contracting and can work alongside your lawyers, or we can recommend specialised biotech deal lawyers we have worked with before. You can count on us to work around the clock to get your contract over the line.

And more:

We also recognise that in small companies team members often wear many hats, and we can too. Alongside our partnering assistance, we can help with mentoring your team members. We can also support your development, investment, manufacturing and regulatory needs by securing expertise from our network – trusted professionals we have worked with before.

Conference representation

The JustPartnering team has external innovation and business development contracts in over 500 leading pharma companies globally and attend the key large partnering conferences that these firms attend. We represent technologies and clients at these partnering meetings as part of ongoing work with clients and as one-off short projects. We get your asset in front of potential partners at events such as BIO, BIO-EUROPE and JP Morgan, establishing and building connections and gathering valuable feedback.

Research tools commercialisation package

If you’re a technology transfer office connected to an academic organisation, we offer a research tools commercialisation package to empower you to create deals.  

Increase your scientists’ research impact and build new connections, supported by access to a curated database of potential partners and a purpose-built toolkit that includes internal marketing material, templates for collecting the information that potential buyers want to see, and a simple license template for speedy deal making.

- Who we are




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- What our clients say

"JustPartnering leverages their extensive network and expertise to cut through the noise in this busy industry, at great benefit to us."

- Director CTeD
Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore

“Janette assisted us from the early stages of our partnering activities and helped refine our strategic approach using her extensive networks as well as prioritised pharma partners.  Her further assistance on negotiations and contracting was critical to the successful execution of a strategic commercial collaboration.  The JustPartnering team are now providing essential support in post-deal alliance management and represent an important part of our extended team.”

Beta Therapeutics, Australia

“Janette and her team are incredibly flexible – being able to bring them into our partnering processes at any stage has been hugely helpful.”

Viclink Ltd, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

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